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Mitchell at Gainesville | Football


Friday, November 14 | Airtime: 7:15 p.m.

Mitchell (New Port Richey) at Gainesville

Join Chuck Dowling (Play-by-play), Oak Hall School football coach Scott McDaniel (Color) and Tyler TenBieg (Color) for the first round of the Class 6A state football playoffs from Citizen’s Field.

Here is a playoff preview of teams in The Prep Zone coverage area by Joshua Wilson of FloridaHSFootball.com

Class 8A – Region I

  • DeLand (7-3) at First Coast (Jacksonville) (10-0) – First Coast has struggled in a couple of district games this year, but seem to had it tighter against Ed White Friday night with the final game of the regular season. DeLand started off the season shaky dropping three of the first four games including two shutouts, one being to Bolles and the other to Mainland. Bulldogs now on a six game winning streak. Bulldogs will face a tough challenge trying to keep De’Andre Johnson for the Buccaneers from doing too much damage in this game as he continues to build upon his record in leading Northeast Florida in passing yards.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): DeLand: 26.2-23.1; First Coast: 35.8-9.6

  • Flagler Palm Coast (8-2) at Lake Mary (10-0) – Flagler Palm Coast has had a really strong showing this year and the only major setback they suffered this season was a shut out loss at home to Orange City University which is now sitting out of the playoffs. Lake Mary has capped their second straight year with an undefeated regular season. The road for either team to go far is going to be tough, but Laker Mary has played in some closer than expected games and a Flagler Palm Coast upset wouldn’t be totally out of the cards.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Flagler Palm Coast 34.8-18.2; Lake Mary:  39-22.2

 Class 7A – Region I

  • Wekiva (Apopka) (8-2) at Oakleaf (Jacksonville) (10-0) – Oakleaf capped undefeated season for the first time in the school’s short five year history and are playoff bound for the first time as well. Wekiva is another team also playoff bound for the first time in school history as well. So for both teams this game is going to be a test to see who wants to advance to the regional semifinals. With the way Derek Chipoletti’s team has played so far, it would not be surprising if Oakleaf is 11-0 going into next week either hosting Fletcher once again or possibly making a road trip to Oak Ridge down in Orlando. Interesting side note: Wekiva had a better record in the regular season for the first time than Apopka had this season (Wekiva is located on the south side of Apopka)

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Wekiva: 30.9-16.3; Oakleaf: 32-14.6

  • Fletcher (Neptune Beach) (6-4) at Oak Ridge (Orlando) (9-1) – Fletcher’s worst season by far under head coach Josh Corey, but the Senators are still in the playoffs. However, Oak Ridge is a solid team and this could be a tough game for Fletcher to win despite the history that Corey has had taking Fletcher on the road during the post season. Oak Ridge is a district champion for the first time in nearly 40 years.

 Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Fletcher: 32.5-17.8; Oak Ridge: 29-14.5

Class 6A – Region I

  • Creekside (St. Johns) (3-7) at Ed White (Jacksonville) (8-2) – This is a game that you really wish was not on the playoff slate, but it is. All three of Creekside’s wins were district games, including a thrilling win over Bartram Trail to keep them out of the playoffs. Ed White lost a close to First Coast last week and the only other loss was to Raines. This game could likely be a running clock game which is something fans likely don’t like to see during the playoffs. Ed White is a dominating team and shouldn’t have an issue being able to win in the first round this year unlike last year.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Creekside: 19.6-31.2; Ed White 39.4-8.2

  • Columbia (Lake City) (8-2) at St. Augustine (9-1) – The Annual clash here between Brian Allen and Joey Wiles. This is the second year in a row both teams have met in the first round and this one could tip in the favor of St. Augustine this year, but anything can happen. St. Augustine’s lone loss this year was a 7-3 loss to Clay, so the Yellow Jackets have been tested. The question is can they do it here in the playoffs and advance or will Columbia pull out the cards again and play spoiler?

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Columbia 36.9-15.4; St. Augustine: 31-6.1

 Class 6A – Region II

  • Mitchell (New Port Richey) (6-4) at Gainesville (5-5) – Gainesville’s squad is certainly not the best we have seen from them compared to last few years, but they won their district and will be at home for the first round. However, Mitchell has been known to play tough this year and they manage to get a win over Springstead, twice (once in the district matchup, the second in the tiebreaker – which is not included on the record). So Gainesville can’t take Mitchell lightly or the Mustangs will come to town and turn the Hurricane punch in a whimper of a depression.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Mitchell: 22.8-19.6; Gainesville 30.4-23.3

  • Vanguard (Ocala) (4-5) at Sunlake (Land O’ Lakes) (8-2) – Sunlake won their district after being involved in a  tiebreaker to decide everything. Sunlake is by far a much bettter team when it comes to doing things in all aspects of the games. However, give Vanguard credit for playing a tough schedule and that might be to their advantage here going on the road in the first round.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Vanguard: 23.44-26.33; 26.7-6.2

Class 6A – Region III

  • South Lake (Groveland) (8-2) at Mainland (Daytona Beach) (10-0) – Both teams have been pretty solid this year, but South Lake struggled a little bit later on in the season dropping two straigh games to Mount Dora and Edgewater, the latter being for the District Championship. Mainland hasn’t scored as many points as they have during most of the season, but with the playoffs here now, anything goes and a lot of people have circled Mainland as a pick to make a run into Orlando next month. One of the biggest reasons why this might happen? Defense which has been a key factor into the Buccaneers posting five shutouts this season with the defense not being scored on in six total games (Oviedo 7 points came from a fumble recovery by their defense not Mainland’s defense giving up those points)

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): South Lake: 39-22; Mainland: 41.4-7.2

  • Seabreeze (Daytona Beach) (4-6) at Edgewater (Orlando) (7-3) – Edgewater is a much improved team while Seabreeze has struggled at times this year to keep things moving forward, but Seabreeze can put up fight when they need to the most and this game is one of them if they want to advance forward. However, Edgewater looks like they might be the stronger team in this one and it would not be surprising if it ends up being Edgewater vs. Mainland in round two.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Seabreeze: 18.8-20.8; Edgewater: 31.2-23.7

Class 5A – Region I

  • Palatka (4-6) at Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville) (8-1) – Another first round game against Palatka for Bishop Kenny. Palatka doesn’t look as strong this year and its almost seems that this might be again another playoff game that could be over by the time half time rolls around. Palatka is sort of a hard team to figure out who they are, while Bishop Kenny seems to have a better identity of what kind of team they are.

 Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Palatka: 21.7-23.8; Bishop Kenny: 30.7812.33

  •  Westside (Jacksonville) (6-4) at Clay (Green Cove Springs) (9-1) – Clay won their district last year, but this year’s team is even better as a district champion, with their only loss this season coming to a perfect 10-0 Oakleaf squad. Question here is can Clay make the run again to Orlando? First, things first is getting a win over Westside. For Westside, with its first playoff appearance since 2006, when it was known as Forres will have to find a way to stop Clay’s rushing attack and be able to play without QB Amari DuBose who went down during with an injury during the tiebreaker at Bishop Kenny.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Westside: 22-18.7; Clay: 36.8-21.8

Class 5A – Region II

  • Zephyrhills (8-2) at Suwannee (Live Oak) (9-1): What a great first round match up this will be. Zephrhills won a tiebreaker to claim the runner-up spot in their district and is their first playoff appearance in quite a while, while Suwannee has now made the playoffs for the second straight year and won their first district title in over a decade this season. Both teams like to score tons of points in a game and it clearly shows when you look at the scoring averages of both teams. Fans are in for a treat with this game, with the winner likely getting a shot at South Sumter in round two.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Zephyrhills: 38.9-19.2; Suwannee: 35.1-15.8

  • North Marion (Citra) (8-2) at South Sumter (Bushnell) (10-0): The North Marion Colts will get the first crack at 5A #1 South Sumter here in the first round, but after seeing the team struggle at times during the game against a solid Santa Fe program, the Colts might be in for a long night. South Sumter rarely gives up points and the only reason they gave up 28 points last week was due to the resting of the starters while Leesburg was playing for pride.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): North Marion: 36.2-13.3; South Sumter:  40.7-8.7

Class 4A – Region I

  • Walton (Defuniak Springs) (7-3) at Madison County (7-3) – Madison County is back in the playoffs after missing the playoffs last year, but this is still not the same kind of Madison County team we are use to. Expectation for this game is that Walton will come in and battle Madison and the winner likely meet Florida High or Fort White in the second round to decide who will likely face Bolles or Raines in the state semifinal, barring an potential upsets.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Walton: 32.9-18.5; Madison County: 35-23.6

  • Fort White (5-4) at Florida High (Tallahassee) (7-3) – This game might be a toss up as both teams have played some tough opponents on the schedule this year which for both could help them or break them when it comes to this game. Question is, who is hungry for this win more? Winner will face either Walton or Madison County in round two.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Fort White: 22.89-14.22; Florida High: 3423.2

Class 4A – Region II

  • Bolles (Jacksonville) (8-2) at Umatilla (8-2) – What a turnaround it has been for Umatilla this year, which has won its first district title in over a decade. Bolles which is runner-up once again to Raines is being favored by many to make another run again to Orlando which would be four years in a row if that does happen. However, first Bolles must travel to Umatilla and get the win. If they do, they are likely to get a rematch with Raines in round two. Question here is, can Bolles do it again?

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Bolles: 38.7-11.5; Umatilla: 38-18.6

  • The Villages (8-2) at Raines (Jacksonville) (7-3) – Raines had one of the toughest schedules in the state this year that included a trip to Coaca and games against First Coast and Ed White. That should be the difference maker here in this game as The Villages hasn’t been tested as much this season. A win here for Raines likely sets up a rematch with Bolles in round two at home.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): The Villages: 31.4-14.2; Raines: 28.4-21.5

Class 3A – Region I

  • Maclay (Tallahassee) (4-6) at Trinity Christian (8-2) – This is going to be a tough first playoff game for Maclay who got wins over Father Lopez and P.K. Yonge to get into the playoffs. Trinity Christian has a lot more talent and will likely have this game in hand by half time.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Maclay: 21.1-31; Trinity Christian: 30.7-10.6

  • Providence (Jacksonville) (8-2) at Trinity Catholic (Ocala) (8-1) – This game should be a really good one as both teams have Division I talent and both are hungry for the shot to take a stab at Trinity Christian in round two. The biggest thing the remains to be answered is who is ready to show they mean business here in the playoffs? That remains to be answered.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Providence: 33.6-25; Trinity Catholic: 38.11-11.68

Class 2A – Region I

  • Duval Charter (Jacksonville) (8-1) at North Florida Christian (Tallahassee) (5-4) – Duval Charter is in the playoffs for the first time and will travel to Tallahassee to take on perennial playoff contender, North Florida Christian. NFC is not the typical team we are use to seeing from them and Duval Charter has dominated some games or pulled of some close ones including one against First BaptistNaples last week. Very possible Duval Charter could get a rematch with University Christian next week if they win.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Duval Charter: 24.78-7.56; North Florida Christian: 27.78-20.89

  • FAMU (Tallahassee) (6-4) at University Christian (Jacksonville) (7-3) – Throw the record out here on University Christian. Two of their losses come from top teams in Class 3A (Trinity Christian and Clearwater Central Catholic). University Christian could be a possible contender to make a run here toward the state finals and it would not be surprising if they get a nice win here this week in round one.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): FAMU: 16.8-20.3; University Christian: 37.9-16.5

Class 2A – Region II

  • Foundation Academy (Winter Garden) (5-5) at Warner Christian (South Daytona) (5-4) – On paper these teams look fairly even, but Warner Christian has certainly played some tougher teams including Jacksonville Trinity Christian. However, Warner has dropped their last three games and that might not be a good thing if Foundation finds that they are still trying to regroup Friday night.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Foundation Academy: 22-25.6; Warner Christian: 34.33- 17.56

Class 1A – Region III

  • Hilliard (5-5) at Hamilton County (Jasper) (7-3) – Hamilton County is certainly a way better team here this year and they played tough against a Dixie County team that won that game earlier this year. The only other losses for Hamilton include Suwannee and Taylor County last week, but the loss to Taylor County was a result of most of the starters taking the night off to rest for the this game.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Hilliard: 23.7-22; Hamilton County: 26.618.7

  • Lafayette (Mayo) (6-4) at Trenton (9-1) – Lafayette knows they have a challenge on their hands once again having to go on the road to Trenton to play in the first round of the playoffs. Trenton’s only loss was to Dixie County earlier this year, but outside of that, no one has been able to stop the Tigers and Lafayette might not have a full answer here in this game either.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Lafayette: 34.9-22.4; Trenton: 40.4-14.6

Class 1A – Region IV

  • Taylor (Pierson) (4-6) at Dixie County (Cross City) (9-0) – Taylor is in the playoffs for the first time in a while, while Dixie County has wrapped a perfect regular season and looks to be unstoppable. This is another game that is likely to be over by the time half time rolls around. Very likely that Dixie County will get a rematch with Union County or have to go on the road to Crescent City in round two should Cresecent City get the win over Union County.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Taylor-Pierson: 17.3-28.5; Dixie County:  37.22-11.44

  • Union County (Lake Butler) (8-2) at Crescent City (7-3): This could either be a one sided game or this could be a battle. What will we get? It depends. Crescent City has played some bigger teams with more talent on the roster and the question is will that help them defeat Union County? The thing for Union County is, they know how to play on the road and win and this a game that is likely to favor them once again.

Scoring Averages (Avg PF-Avg PA per game): Union: 43.1-11.9; Crescent City: 39.7-14

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