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P.K. Yonge football travels to Lafayette (Mayo)


PK-Blue-Wave-Athletics-Logo_RGBBy Marco Martinez
Contributing Writer
Twitter – @MarcoJMartinez_

P.K Yonge (Gainesville) Blue Wave
Coach: Marcus McDonald
Record: 5-1
Key Players: #1 Jacoby Byrd (JR., WR/FS), #2 Israel Wilcox (SR., RB/CB), #4 Carter Kutchko (SR., QB), #6 Pernell Sylvester (SR., RB/OLB), #7 Jacari Byrd (JR., WR/SS), #10 Quintin Williams (SR, WR), #17 Deontae Mavin (JR., WR/DB)
Outlook: The Blue Wave are currently on a three-game winning streak and are coming off a bye week. In just these three games, the Blue Wave have combined for a total of 203 points and allowing zero points in return. The Blue Wave offense has been on a tear as of lately and you can blame both genius play calling and the overall talent of these skills positions. The running back duo of Israel Wilcox and Pernell Sylvester continue to pile on yards with ease for the Blue Wave. Wilcox is about to reach 400 yards on the season while averaging 6.8 yards per carry. In total, he’s scored 10 touchdowns, the most of his team and averages 63 yards per game. Sylvester leads the team in rushing with 439 yards and is averaging 9.1 yards a carry. Sylvester trails Wilcox by just two touchdowns on the season with 8 in total. On the other hand, the receiving core is playing predominantly strong thus far. Jacobi Byrd, Israel Wilcox and Jacari Byrd all have 200+ receiving yards. Jacobi is leading the team with 390 receiving yards. This will be PK Yonge’s last non-district game and their second to last away game of the regular season. The Blue Wave is 1-1 when in opponent territory.

Lafayette (Mayo) Hornets
Coach: Joey Pearson
Record: 5-2
Key Players: #2 Ben Massey (SR., WR/CB), #3 Garris Edwards (SR., RB/CB), #13 Richy James (SR., WR), #15 Jaxson Beach (JR., QB/SS), #22 Adam Perry (JR., WR/QB)
Outlook: After a 9-2 record last year, the Hornets are seeking to finish with the same type of energy as despite having only three games left in the season. The Hornets, just like the Blue Wave, are also on a three-game winning streak, two of those games were against district rivals (Bell, Branford). Despite their successful last stretches, the Hornets have had some tough losses against district and non-district matchups. Nevertheless, their star-studded offense is led by quarterback Jaxson Beach, who las year passed for 2,001 yards and threw 27 touchdowns. The duo threat quarterback can also run the ball extremely well whenever he feels pressure down the middle. Te speedster ran for 731 yards and scored on 11 rushing touchdowns. So far this year, he’s already thrown for 1,359 yards for 16 touchdowns. What’s astonishing is his completion efficiency, he’s thrown 65 completions out of 123 attempts, a mere 52% success rate. Beach is also leading the team in rushing with 759 yards in 100 carries. Trailing him is duo-sport athlete senior running back Garris Edwards. Edwards has rushed for 579 yards in only 76 attempts. He’s averaging 7.6 yards a carry and averages almost 100 yards a game. If the Hornets have a rare tough time running the football against the Blue Wave, then they’ll leave it to Ben Massey on the receiving end to pick up the scraps. He’s tallied 709 yards in just 21 catches on the season, talk about efficiency. The Hornets are 2-1 at home.

Prediction: PK Yonge 35 – 28 Hornets

Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Lafayette High, Mayo, FL

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