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Kingdom of the Sun 2016


Kingdom of the SunOne of the country’s top high school holiday tournaments is back for its 43rd edition. This year’s field features over 30 Division I prospects and highly ranked teams from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York and Washington, DC.

The 43rd Annual Kingdom of the Sun Presented by Legacy Team Sales will once again be held at Vanguard High School (Ocala) on Dec 27-30.  Local teams include host Vanguard, North Marion (Citra) and PK Yonge (Gainesville).

Tickets are $6, $7, and $8, and All-Tournament Passes can be purchased for $45.  For more information on the tournament, click here.

A select number of games listed below in bold will be broadcast ‘live’ and ‘archived’ online (audio only).  Click on each game link to listen ‘live’ and ‘archived.’ The games will be also be streamed online at www.floridacast.com

CHROME BROWSER NOTE: Recent versions of the Chrome Browser have discontinued support for several plugins including the Silverlight media player used on this site. The best option to access this ‘live’ broadcast is to switch to a different browser, i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox. The other option for windows users is to click the “WMP Player” once you access the broadcast on Chrome. This will play the broadcast in your standalone windows media player if that is available on your computer. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tuesday, Dec. 27 – Day #1
Madison Memorial (Madison, WI) 53, North Marion (Citra, FL) 31
Lakeland (FL) 63, Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 58
Florida Prep (Melbourne, FL) 53, Georgetown Prep (DC) (North Bethesda, MD) 44 
LaSalle (Cincinnati, OH) 52, Royal Palm Beach (FL) 44
Peachtree Ridge (Suwannee, GA) 66, Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, FL) 61
Meadowcreek (Norcross, GA) 52, Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 43 
Vanguard (Ocala, FL) 62, P.K. Yonge (Gainesville, FL) 50
Westminster Academy (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 67, Frederick Douglas Academy (New York, NY) 44

Wednesday, Dec. 28 – Day #2
Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 61, North Marion (Citra, FL) 28
Georgetown Prep (DC) (North Bethesda, MD) 85, Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, FL) 74
Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 75, P.K. Yonge (Gainesville, FL) 54
Royal Palm Beach (FL) 54, Frederick Douglas Academy 40 (New York, NY)
Peachtree Ridge (Suwannee, GA) 55, Florida Prep (Melbourne, FL) 52
Madison Memorial (Madison, WI) 46, Meadowcreek (Norcross, GA) 43
Vanguard (Ocala, FL) 61, Lakeland (FL) 47
LaSalle (Cincinnati, OH) 53, Westminster Academy (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 46

Thursday, Dec. 29 – Day #3
P.K. Yonge (Gainesville, FL) 54, Frederick Douglass Academy (New York, NY) 53
Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, FL) 69, North Marion (Citra, FL) 47
Florida Prep (Melbourne, FL) 64, Meadowcreek (Norcross, GA) 51
Westminster Academy (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 81, Lakeland (FL) 54
Georgetown Prep (DC) 53, Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 42
Royal Palm Beach (FL) 63, Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 56
LaSalle (Cincinnati, OH) 46, Vanguard (Ocala, FL) 35
Madison Memorial (Madison, WI) 46, Peachtree Ridge (Suwannee, GA) 31

Friday, Dec. 30 – Day #4
Westminster Academy (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 66, Florida Prep (Melbourne, FL) 61 (5th Place)
Georgetown Prep (DC) 62, Royal Palm Beach (FL) 55 (OT) (Consolation championship)
Vanguard (Ocala, FL) 74, Peachtree Ridge (Suwannee, GA) 68 (3rd Place)
Madison Memorial (Madison, WI) 43, LaSalle (Cincinnati, OH) 38 (Championship) – The Spartans set the all-time tournament record for fewest points allowed in the Kingdom over four games with 141

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