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FHSAA Announces Football Classifications For 2019 & 2020 Seasons


fhsaa shieldGAINESVILLE, FLA. (12/14/18) – The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) announced Friday the classifications for the 2019 and 2020 football seasons. As requested by membership, the classifications were determined solely based on each member school’s enrollment size.

Football Classifications: 1A (RURAL) | 2A | 3A | 4A | 5A | 6A | 7A | 8A


Q: How were the classifications, regions and districts determined?
A: Classifications were based solely on student enrollment, then geography. Please refer to FHSAA Policy 12.

Q: What did the FHSAA use to determine a school’s enrollment?
A: As required annually, each member school submitted their enrollment numbers to our office in October.

Q: Can a school appeal its placement if they wish to move up or down?
A: After traveling the state this past year, the consensus the FHSAA heard from its athletic directors and coaches was that they wanted an equal number of teams by classification, an even number of teams in each district and region and no three-team districts. Moving schools would go against that sentiment and would create uneven classifications, regions or districts. The staff has thoroughly reviewed the assignments and do not see any schools that are geographically isolated that would require movement to another classification (FHSAA Policy 12). To maintain the wishes of our constituents, the FHSAA will not be accepting appeals.

Q: If a school does not like where it is placed, what are the options?
A: The member school can become independent for the two-year classification cycle. Please refer to FHSAA Policy 10.1.3.

Q: When will the football classifications be “final?”
A: Please refer to the timeline posted Nov. 28 on FHSAA.org.

Q: When can we expect the other sports to be released?
A: Please refer to the timeline posted Nov. 28 on FHSAA.org.
Contact: Kyle Niblett Florida High School Athletic Association 352-372-9551 kniblett@fhsaa.org

Q: When does this football classification cycle end?
A: The new football classification cycle ends following the conclusion of the 2020 FHSAA football season. Following the conclusion of the two-year cycle, the FHSAA will review classifications again using our FHSAA Board of Directors and Athletic Directors Advisory Committee-approved policies and procedures.

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