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P.K. Yonge volleyball improves to 2-0 following sweep of cross-town rival St. Francis Catholic Academy


PK-Blue-Wave-Athletics-Logo_RGBBy Andrew Barton & Justin Butler
Courtesy of WaveRunnerPKY.com

Get the brooms out!

Emotions were running high for P.K. Yonge’s varsity volleyball team as they were set to take on their first home game of the season against their rival, the St. Francis Wolves. After a highly anticipated start for their first home game, the Lady Wave came on strong with a lot of momentum and never let up. The large crowd filled the stands to cheer on this year’s team.

There was a lot of excitement going into this game, especially for the three seniors, Jayda Teasley, Riley Holloway, and Cameron Childs. These leaders were stepping into their senior season, hoping to come out victorious.

P.K. started the game on a 9-3 run led by the outstanding serving from the Wave. Sophomore Amara Barnett started the game serving and got a quick ace. They finished the first set to win 25-16. Everyone could tell that the Blue Wave players were excited to be playing again. The momentum was already on the Blue Wave side, as the home crowd started to get loud.

The Blue Wave maintained their momentum after break and only got better. The stars Jayda Teasley, Tirzah Parker, and Bailey Parker all dominated the stat sheet, all with 6 kills going into the third set. Senior Cameron Childs stated that they gained confidence when the crowd showed energy which really helped them succeed.

The fans were chanting on the game’s points, holding up posters, and jumping up everytime P.K scored. The Lady Wave went on to win the second set, 25-17. This was all starting to look like the girls could run away with the match at that point.

It seemed as if the Blue Wave couldn’t be stopped, taking control of the third set up 20-9. However, St. Francis would not let up. They gave it their everything, scoring six straight points to make it 20-15. Although St. Francis almost made a comeback, P.K snapped out of their cold streak and started scoring points. One of the biggest factors in the third set was excellent communication on the court with little errors. The Blue Wave went on to win, 25-19.

P.K had many different players step up throughout the game. Cameron Childs finished the game with six aces, while Jayda Teasley, Bailey Parker, And Tirzah Parker recorded a total of 26 kills and only two errors.

Waverunner reporter Andrew Barton talked with head coach Ziva Blackmon about the team’s improvements from the preseason.

“We have worked hard with our setter-hitter connection and to include our middles as much as we can…, hitting wise is our main focus,” she said.

Blue Wave fans should be excited for a fun, and much improved season.

Go Blue Wave!
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