USSSA Basketball 2014 | Broadcast Schedule

Video for all the games, and the opening ceremonies, will be provided.  In addition to our video production, we are also offering ‘live’ audio.  If you would like to listen to the games online, or if we experience any technical difficulties with your video, here is the link for our audio broadcasts:

(➤ Listen to audio broadcasts of the games.)

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  • 9:00am Boys 8th: Division I Semifinal: Thunderstruck vs. Motivator I (➤ Watch replay.)
  • 10:15am Boys 6th: Division I Semifinal: Lakeland Fire vs. Miami Rockets (➤ Watch replay.)
  • 11:30am Boys 11th: Division I Semifinal: RCC/AMN Wolves vs. New Light Disciples (➤ Watch replay.)
  • 1:00pm Boys 10th: Semifinal: Kcity vs. Southern Illinois Select (➤ Watch replay.)
  • 2:15pm Boys’ 9th: Division I Championship Game: Boynton Heat vs. Florida Elite Gainesville (➤ Watch replay.)
  • 3:30pm Boys’ 11th: Division I Championship Game: New Light Disciples vs. Macon Bucks (➤ Watch replay.)